About company

Georozvidka LLC

GEOROZVIDKA LLC was created to perform seismic exploration in various structural-tectonic zones (southwestern) the end of the Eastern European Platform, the Pre-Carpathian and Transcarpathian Straits, the Folding Carpathians) for the preparation of perspective objects for deep drilling

Performing 2D seismic surveys involves obtaining high quality primary field data 2D seismic surveys, which in the future should provide a modern technological level of processing and interpretation in solving a wide range of current geological problems from regional, prospecting and detailing work, in order to study and refine the geological structure of the sedimentary complex of rocks in the search and detailing of oil and gas fields, optimization of prospecting and operational drilling.

The company owns an up-to-date state-of-the-art equipment and staff of highly specialized specialists to carry out a wide range of geophysical work, which are used in the search of oil and gas fields. The data obtained from geophysical work are processed by specialists using the latest technologies and modern computer programs. The company provides all the necessary documentation and a detailed technical report on the completed works.


Our advantages

Many years of experience in geophysical work

Large selection of geophysical methods

Modern equipment and programs for processing and interpretation

Qualified staff