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Seismological exploration of the Rudnikivska license field in a explosive manner

Сейсмологічна розвідка Рудниківської ліцензійної ділянки вибуховим способом


Georozvidka LLC performed a seismological exploration of the Rudnikivska license field.

Seismic research is a leading place among geophysical methods used in the exploration of oil and gas fields. The method is based on the study of the propagation in the earth's crust of elastic waves caused by an explosion or shock. Penetrating into the geological environment, the waves are reflected and refracted and partially return to the surface of the earth, where they are registered seismic exploration stations. The time of propagation of waves and the nature of their oscillations allows us to judge the composition of the rock, the depth of occurrence and the shape of reflecting geological boundaries.